Project 11: Terrarium DIY

Everytime I set up a terrarium, it never lasts longer than six months without a lot of maintenance. This is the first time that it does. No fungi or mould has been found inside the bottle. I am still wondering why.

Perhaps the environment inside the bottle is simple enough. Maybe it was placed on the right spot in my room having ample light but not direct. Or maybe it has something to do with the temperature.

Anyway, I still can’t not figure it out.


Project 10 : medicine cabinet


Last month I was learning how to make a box with dovetail joints. Now that I have made it, I have to make use of it in some way. So, I decided to turn the box into this medicine cabinet.


In doing so, I have to make the front panel for the dovetailed box. It made of four small pieces of oak glued together to make it like one large panel. Then the hinges and knob were installed, and finally the red cross sign. The entire process was quite simple and straightforward. img_0265

It is essential to have a medicine cabinet or at least some first-aid kits in your woodworking shop. Who knows some day you might need it badly. Woodworking is quite a dangerous hobby. Safety first.


Project 8 – Coriander in my bedroom

Admittedly, I attempted to grow veggies several times but they have never lasted. 

This time I grew Coriander in my bedroom. The vegetable is now popular among Japanese. It is similar to Parsley in terms of usage in which to decorate your dish.

I used no artificial light this time to keep thing simple. I just place it close to the window as much as possible to get natural sunlight. I also covered it with IKEA glass house to prevent insects (just in case).

Next week I should be able to eat it. Everything seems to be working this time round.


Project 7 – Laptop docking station

One drawback of using a laptop is that the screen tends to be too low causing neck pain.

To address this, I built this docking station to raise the screen level for approximately three inches. It also has a drawer in the front to store a wireless keyboard after use.

Besides, you can use it to read the books or handwriting something as well.


Project 6 : Shaker-style Coat Hanger

I love Shaker style furniture. They are simple but incredible beautiful. I got this design from Steve Ramsey and customized it to suit my own need.

The drawers can be used to store keychains or wallets. However, the other benefit of having the drawers is that they help prevent kids bumping into the hooks. It is a nice safety feature of this design.

I did not make rabbets on all side, so I have to reinforce all joints with screws. I counterbored all screws to make them look neat.

I used this roman-style router bit to do the job. It is a great opportunity to utilize it, since I normally don’t use it as much.

One of the benefits of having drawers is that you can hide the screws that attach the entire piece to the wall.

The color of the complete work is not very consistent. But we don’t have to do anything about it. In six months, the whole shelf is gonna get darker. This is the natural. It is one unique characteristic of Cherry wood.