I recently went to have my wristwatch repaired

A month ago, my wristwatch stopped running. This watch needs no battery because it ran on motion power. Something must have gone wrong inside the watch itself.

I bought this watch some twenty years ago out of my own savings, since I was just a graduate student. It was not an expensive watch. This was quite amazing for me to realize that the watch is still working up to recently.

It turned out some stain accumulated inside the watch chamber over the years has caused some friction inside and interrupted the energy generation mechanism. So, it needs to be cleaned and one of the parts needs to be replaced. It costed me 1,600 Thai baht totally which was equal to 20% of its retail price.

I thought I might be better of buying a new one, possibly an Apple Watch series 3. But then I decided to drop that idea and go for the old one. I also came to realize that the wristwatch is perhaps the only male belonging that can last as long as twenty years. Maybe, That’s why people still wear them despite that fact that we all have smartphone to keep track of time. The function of wristwatch has changed from time keeping to a collected item.

Feeling inspired, I want to continue using this watch as long as possible. I want to see how long that can possibly be. It is also a retrospective item of my youth.

There is a website namely in which they encourage people to fix things rather than buy a new one. Whenever we want to buy something, we can go for the model of best quality and have them repaired rather than keep buying a new one. I just love this idea. We can save our environment by reducing a lot of waste doing so. Besides, we get to use quality goods every time. This is what our ancestor had been doing but now abandoning due to business needs to sell more stuffs.

Together we can change it.


Flow moments

Flow is a term coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a psychologist describing a mental stage in which a person is so engrossed with the task at hand that he or she loses track of time.

People in flow moments report that they feel so happy. It is a kind of happiness that is so internal or even spiritual. Anyone who can experience flows as part of their jobs are so lucky, because they can be happy at work and they don’t have to seek happiness outside. Their jobs entertain them.

For me, I often experience flow moments doing two types of work. The first is writing. I love to be in a coffee shop, writing a blog or a book. I can do that for several hours a day.

Secondly, I have been experiencing flow moments while I am working in my woodworking shop. I enjoy designing furniture and make them by myself. While working, I have to think about the problems at hand and try my best to solve them. Sometime I listen to the music while working. I feel like I am cutting off from the external world. It’s so peaceful and relaxing.

These days I rely heavily on flow moments to help me cope with the chaotic world. Without them, my life would be much more miserable than this.

I think the flow concept works well with the philosophy of Epicurus. You don’t need a lot of money to get flows. In fact, many flows even let you earn money. It is quite a sustainable approach to happiness.



The Life of Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy was one of the greatest novelists of all times. I particularly love the simplicity of his writing style and the realistic aspect of his novels.

Recently I have looked into his personal biography. To my surprise, I felt highly resonated with his private life.

At the university, he got addicted to gambling. After graduation, he went to war and became so enraged with the degree to which the governments had control over the lives of their citizens, including sending them to war and die. He became an anarchist.

Later, he got sick with the corrupted church and became an atheist as well. At one point, he realized that he could not live without any faith at all. He was so amazed at farmers who were very poor and had a very tough life but were so happy. He decided to became a Christian again.

Tolstoy was very successful as the novelist that he was so wealthy and had fourteen children. He said he cannot be satisfied with anything in life except for art and a good family. Anyway, toward the end of his life, he became so confused and feel guilty about himself being so rich when many Russians out there were so poor and starving. His misgivings intensified and led him to abandon his property and left home alone. While traveling around, he got sick and died at the age of 82.


Live your life to the maximum

Everybody will die eventually. There is no exception. This fact gives us despair. So, we have been pretending not to aware of death so that we can go on with our daily life without worry.

However, there is also an alternative. We don’t have to fool ourselves we live forever. We can accept death at face value. We just have to learn that the fact that we feel despair about death is just a matter of opinion. It is just a viewpoint and therefore biased.

Instead of thinking that we are going to die anyway, we can think that what  are left with is the rest of our lives. What can we do about it? We may do nothing until we die, because we will die anyway. Alternatively, we may make it the best time of our lives, because it is the only thing that was given to us, and therefore we have to make it as good as possible.

You are the designer of your own life. It’s the only decision that is totally up to you. Do not let other people or any belief system take your decision away from you.  Do whatever you see appropriate based on your own values and judgements. Use your time  wisely and productively. That’s called living our lives to the maximum.

To live one’s life to the maximum, you will take chances and encounter pains along the way. However, pains are two sides of the same coin. They hurt us, but they also make us stronger. The next time we encounter them, we will able to handle them better. So, embrace pains and grow instead of trying to avoid them and ending up doing nothing.


58. Modern Cable Management Box

Since inception, Coziplace has been focusing on building classic-looking wood items. This extension cord storage box marked our next step towards more modern-styled items in our portfolio.

Initially, the box was designed with total functionality in mind. However, the finished product seems to serve emotion wells, too. It has a modern look contrary to the previous classic version. More products of this style is expected to release in the near future.


What do Thai people actually eat for breakfast?

When you ask Thai people what they normally have for breakfast, you will get a variety of answers. We don’t have a consensus as to what our national breakfast is, either. Some experts say we don’t even have one. Many of us skip breakfast altogether.

When I think of a typical Thai breakfast, I think of a bowl of boiled rice or porridge, perhaps with minced pork or shrimps on top. However, I myself seldom eat them.

barbecued pork with sticky rice

Due to time constraints, especially those who live in the city, many Thais have to find something to eat on the way to work. Barbecued pork with sticky rice come to mind. They are cheap and easy to eat while traveling, not to mention delicious. Alternatively, you can readily find soy milk with Chinese donut on the way to work.

Many Thais are familiar with western breakfast. For example, fried eggs with sausage is quite common. I personally have them for breakfast most of the times. Some people also like to have just a cup of coffee with a piece of bread.

Although we eat a variety of foods in the morning. It is very rare to see Thai people eat Tom Yam Koong or Pad Thai for breakfast. Thai curry with rice is also uncommon. These kinds of food are considered “heavy” meals for Thai people, so they normally have them for lunch or dinner.


57. Stationery Drawer Tray

A typical stationery draw tray is made of plastic. But when you have a wood desk with drawers, you want the tray to match the desk, especially a desk with dark color. That calls for your DIY stationery tray.


This tray is made entirely of walnut. It is large and able to store one-foot ruler.  I finished it with teak oil and coconut wax to preserve its prestine look. It turned out to be nice as anticipated.


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