The full English “baked”fast

The full English breakfast seems like a healthy dish due to its high protein contents. However, it could be too oily to be classified as such. One way around this is to baked it instead of frying.

Be sure to put each ingredients in the oven in order of its optimal cooking time, though, otherwise you gonna get burnt eggs and uncooked potatoes.


The Art of Simple Food

Several years back, I came across a book called “The Art of Simple Food” written by Alice Waters. I decided to buy it just because the illustrations inside the book were beautiful.

On the surface, it seemed the recipes featured in the book were kind of “elementary.” Most of them comprised not more than 4-5 ingredients. The cooking process was also extremely simple. However, on careful thoughts after finishing the book, I fell in love with it.

It’s almost like a new philosophy of cooking in which you don’t rely on sophisticated ways of cooking but rather you rely on the quality and freshness of the ingredients to bring out good flavors. Isn’t that what cooking supposed to be?

Most of the recipes were primarily plant-based with a little meat here and there which also quite a healthy practice. They were just baked, roasted, sautéed or even eat fresh. Most of them rely on just olive oil and salt as the main seasons. They are indeed considered clean eating by definition.

The one thing I am so fascinated was that Alice recommend us to go to the market and find the best ingredients available on that day possible. Then, you figure out later what menu to make out of those fresh ingredients. This may sound weird but it is actually logical, because that is the way you can get to eat the best raw material instead of the other way around. Good tastes should be the result of high quality ingredients instead of using sophisicated condiments.




Pizza can definitely be cooked at home from scratch

I have always been fascinated by the simplicity of Italian foods. A typical Italian dish has not more than five ingredients, yet delicious. They rely on the skills of the person who made it to achieve great taste.

Pizzas are ones of these. A margarita consists of just cheeses, tomato paste and basil leaves on top. The pizza dough is not difficult to make, either. You definitely can make a very tasty pizza at home.


69. A side table down the hallway

This project reassured me that the best way to cut tenons is through the table saw.

You just have to make real sure that you cut the shoulder of the tenons cleanly with table saw in association with stoppers. The rest is not that critical because they won’t show up on the finished product.

Aside from this tip, always make sure that the distances between shoulder to shoulder of every part are equal. You will be able to assemble your furniture with ease and accuracy.

In this project, I also had a chance to use up my leftover polyurethane. I decided to paint it instead of spraying. It turned out to be satisfactory.

The only blemish I got perhaps was some glue squeeze-outs here and there that I did not take enough time to eliminate them entirely. Fortunately, they won’t stand out too much because the size of the table is quite large. I will try to improve it on subsequent projects.



How to cook the perfect steak

The most important part of making a perfect steak is to let the meat sit at room temperature prior to cooking. Home cookers often overlook this and never achieve the perfect steak regardless. Be patient. Don’t rush.

Season the beef with just salt and pepper shortly before cooking. Don’t marinate it because you want to have the real taste of the meat per se, not something else.

Heat the pan at medium-high to high heat temperature with olive oil on. Some might use butter along with oil. As soon as you see the first smoke, put the beef in. You should hear some sizzling sound, indicating the pan is hot enough. Wait for 2 minutes on each side before flipping.

Let the beef sit at room temperature for 10 minutes to rest before serving.

In the meantime do not wash the pan. Instead discard used oil. Put new oil in. Add chopped shallot and garlic. Stir them for a while at medium heat. Add ancohol of your choice. Reduce it by half before adding beef stock. Reduce it by half again. Add butter and season it with salt and pepper.

Pour the pan sauce onto the beef. Serve them with some vegetables and potatoes as your liking.

Ingredients for the pan sauce

  • Butter 2 tablespoons
  • Beef stock 1 cups
  • Wine 1/2 cups
  • Shallots 1 tablespoon, chopped
  • Garlics 1 clove, chopped
  • Black peppercorns 1 tablespoons
  • Salt and pepper

68. Pencil Holder

A good pencil holder must be able to accommodate stationery of various heights. This presents a design challenge for woodworkers. From production point of view, it is redundant and time consuming to build multiple boxes of different heights attached altogether as one pencil holder.

A way to get around this is to build one large box with partitions and cut the box across diagonally to create multi-level partitions. You can even produce two symmetrical pencil holder out of one large box. And that is what is project is all about.


67. Folder Stand

To make a folder stand like this demands a large amount of wood. The sides as well as the back of the stand are so tall that you need two pieces of wood to create one of them.

The same goes for the three partitions, Totally you would need much more wood material to build it than you thought initially.

When it comes to joinery, you also face a problem. The mitre joints are not very strong because you cannot install keys to reinforce the joints in this circumstances. The solution is to build  fence at the base around the stand to strengthen it. It adds beauty to the item as well.