Zaru Soba

Soba is healthy as it is primarily made of buckwheat. During war time, Japanese people invented soba to combat hunger. Buckwheat is cheap but quite high in fiber.

The right way to eat zaru soba is to grab a small amount of soba at a time using chopsticks. Dip soba into the soup about half or 2/3 of it, do not soak it. Slurp soba forcefully so that the soup goes with it into your mouth as much as possible. For chopped spring onions and wasabi, add them into the soup at a small amount at a time. Treat the soup as the most costly part of this recipe. Do not waste the soup.


  • Soba
  • Spring onions, chopped
  • wasabi
  • sake 1/4 cup
  • soy sauce 1/2 cup
  • mirin 1/2 cup
  • burito flake 1/2 cup
  • cold water 2 cups


  • bring sake, soy sauce, mirin and burito flake into boil. Continue to heat for at least five minutes. Filter out the burito flake.
  • mix the above output with cold water
  • Boil the soba according to the instruction. Do not add salt into the water. Wash the soba with water to wash away the flour. Dip the soba onto iced water. Rinse soba and serve it with the soup, spring onions and wasabi

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