My definition of good food

Aside from being a woodworker, I enjoy cooking at home. I had developed a taste for cooking years ago. I studied a lot of cookbooks as well as food science. The more I learn, the more I am fascinated. Food is such a variety topic. I don’t think I will ever run out things to learn about cooking.

People has different perspectives towards food and cooking in general. Some people show serious interests towards eating practices such as vegans, ketos, low carbs and so on while others only enjoy their comfort foods.

I have mine, too. That’s the reason I created this website. When it comes to food, I am relatively a minimalist. I am fascinated by foods that are simple to prepare. Let good tastes come from the quality and freshness of raw material itself rather than the result of fancy cooking methods. Keep it simple and stupid.

In terms of nutritions, I have no taboos. I eat everything. But I also believe in balanced diets. I think people in the city eat too little fruits and vegetables and consume too much processed food. So, when I cook at home, I aim to eat more fibers, whole grains and good fats, and less on sugar, deep-fried and ultra-processed foods. That’s all.

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