Amidst the Woodworking Lockdown

It’s been a while since the last time I blogged about woodworking. Here I am being locked down at home having virtually nothing else to do except woodworking. I could not imagine my life would be at this moment if I had not decided to start doing woodworking projects five years ago.

I have just finished the business cardholder project. This time with a slightly different design compared to the previous version. Basically, the new design is 2/3 the length.

This project is perhaps the first project I feel fully satisfied with the overall quality of the outputs. The design has been changing here and there over the past year and now it is almost perfect. The quality of the work is also up to my expectation, very few blemishes if not at all. I guess, my entire woodworking experience is currently in the process of perfecting everything. I don’t have as many as new ideas compared to years ago, but in terms of the product quality as well as the usablity of the design, it get way better.

My current goal is to increase customer satisfaction for every sales I make at Etsy. I would not truly happy if I can sell my stuffs but the clients are not fully satisfied. Admittedly, during the first 50 sales or so, the quality of the products was not that good. I feel so thankful to those early customers who trust and support me. I could never reach this far without them. Now that I have learnt a lot from them, I want to give back to all customers by delivering the highest level of customer satisfactions as I could. Quality must comes first.

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