Attention to details – Cherry chopstick box with Walnut lid

This new design of chopstick box empathizes on details. The bottom is chamfered and recessed to create small shadow beneath the box. Cherry and walnut are working in combination to create a unique look. The item is preserved with 100% food safety oil and coated with bee wax.

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This month I decided to also bought 400 pieces of custom-made conjugated boxes so that products will be shipped in the box that matches the dimensions better. Based on the current speed of selling, it would takes me 4-5 years to use up all the boxes. So, it is kind of crazy to do this, not to mention, the new business cards.

All these attempts were done to improve the products and services of my Etsy shop the best I could. Attention to details would be the new motto in the next phase of my Etsy shop.

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