Daily routine by design

The most effective way to accomplish a long-term goal is to incorporate tasks required to achieve the goal into your daily routine and focus on practicing those tasks instead of obsessively thinking about the goal itself.

I am starting to do just that.

In my case I have several long-term goals e.g. good health, good investment returns, small business endeavor, developing art skills, etc. My typical weekday would look somewhat like this.

  • 6am wake up
  • 7am cook and eat healthy breakfast
  • 8am go to the gym
  • 10am hang out at a cafe to read, listen and write
  • 12pm have lunch
  • 4pm stop by supermarket to buy material for tomorrow breakfast
  • 6pm Youtube/Netflix time
  • 11pm go to bed

Nevertheless, due to the traffic, I could not do this the day I travel to my parent house to practice woodworking. So, during those days (normally 2 days a week), I will do nothing but switching between woodworking and Netflix time for the entire day. Also, during weekends, I have to relax my schedule a bit to accommodate time for my family.

From now on, I will try and stick to this routine as much as possible. Let have my fingers crossed.

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