The Paris Food Journey

Before I visited Paris I had in mind quite a romanticized view of the French food culture. Having been there for a week, here are what I found.

Parisians drink coffee for breakfast, perhaps with a croissant to go with it. A pain au chocolat is also one of the most common breads here. At lunch they might grab a sandwich, a pizza or a panini. In fact, Italian foods are quite ubiquitous in Paris. The only time, they get into the business of eating seriously is at dinner. They might go to a restaurant with colleagues and friends. Otherwise, they might cook a large meal at home.

In Paris you can find so many types of food stores. You buy coffee at a cafe, but to drink alcohol especially some beer, you go to a brasserie. A bristot is a small restaurant. Patisseries sell bakery. Anyway, many of them are multi-function

In a typical restaurant, you will find a mixture of western food in the menu. For example, pastas and burgers are very common. Beef burgundy and tartar steak are among the food I would recommend you to try. You can go for a combo at a reduced price. A combo can be one appetizer + one main course + one dessert, but you can also opt for only one appetizer + one main course or one main course + one dessert for a smaller price. Popular appetizers in Paris include foie gras, escargots and onion soup.

Feel free to order tap water for drink. It’s perfectly fine here. Evain is so expensive.

The price of the food in Paris is not complicated. It already includes everything including taxes and service charge. So, tips are not necessary here at all. I love the practice.

Duck confit

If you feel like eating the French classic recipe, you have to do your homework. French people actually eat pizza and drink beer more often than duck confit or French wine. French foods in tourist area are not only very expensive but also fake. In my case I had to get on the web and search for a food blog written by a French or at least Paris locals.

duck with orange sauce


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