69. A side table down the hallway

This project reassured me that the best way to cut tenons is through the table saw.

You just have to make real sure that you cut the shoulder of the tenons cleanly with table saw in association with stoppers. The rest is not that critical because they won’t show up on the finished product.

Aside from this tip, always make sure that the distances between shoulder to shoulder of every part are equal. You will be able to assemble your furniture with ease and accuracy.

In this project, I also had a chance to use up my leftover polyurethane. I decided to paint it instead of spraying. It turned out to be satisfactory.

The only blemish I got perhaps was some glue squeeze-outs here and there that I did not take enough time to eliminate them entirely. Fortunately, they won’t stand out too much because the size of the table is quite large. I will try to improve it on subsequent projects.


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