65. The Breakfast Tray

This tray is the prototype for one of the upcoming new releases in my Etsy shop 2019 collections.  I am quite satisfied with its look already but still something can be improved. The size of the tray could be adjusted slightly, perhaps to 12×18 inch might be the best.

Also, the four sides of the tray need to be taller perhaps about 4 cm. to be able to accommodate a small recess to make them look more elegant. I might also get back to using only single type of wood for the entire piece instead of a combination. Maybe, maple, I guess. It just look better that way.

While working on it, I came to realize that the best way to cut perfect mitre is to the table saw alone with a jig. Make sure you adjust the blade to be exactly 45 degrees (using quality square to do so). Feed the wood from the right side, so that it would not struck in the blade. Also, do not feed them too forcefully. You can achieve all of these using the mitre gauge that comes standard with your table saw. Using a type of mitre jig complicates the procedure and not necessarily means better outcome.

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