The new cross-cut sled

I don’t remember how many times I made a cross-cut sled over the past couple of years, 6-7 times at least. After a while, the crosscut sled worn out. The change in humidity caused the rails to shrink and wobbled the sled as a result. They lost precisions to the point of unusable.

I considered buying a compound mitre saw from time to time, but always dropped the idea later on. People say you still face the same problem of aligning the blade and I don’t have a way to proof this. So, I have always fallen back on building a handmade sled for my crosscut on table saw.

Anyway, after a great number of sleds I made, I am able to reach the point of a perfect one.

The most important part of making the sled is to spend time cutting the rails that are really snugged. Do not rush. A sled with imperfect rails is of no use at all.

Aside from that, you should invest in a good and large square so that you can perfectly align the crosscut fence with the blade. You will only use large square only when you build a new sled which is not frequently, but you still have to buy a very good one. It’s really worth the investment.

Finally, the bigger sled, the better. You can use it for all type of crosscutting including cutting a large board and cutting a very long stock. For the latest sled, the right wing is as lengthy as 45 cm to accommodate stocks of larger than a foot which I happen to cut quite a lot.

I think I am quite satisfied with my new crosscut sled and should be able to use it for quite a long period of time to come.

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