Things I love about IKEA

I may not look like a kind of person who loves to buy furniture, but I do have love and respect of IKEA. I visit IKEA store a couple of times each year and get inspired by their products.


First off, I love their classic furnitures especially the Billy bookshelf as well as KALLAX. Both of them have been around for several decades and still love by customers. They have been sold for hundreds of millions so the cost of producing them has come down tremendously. They are so cheap and beautiful.

In addition, I got inspirations from their creativity everytime I visit the store. Among them were those drawers that were made of removable boxes. I can’t help but taking photos everytime I see them. I wish I made one some day. I am also inspired by their shoe drawers. They are such a nice furniture to have.

IKEA mass-produces furniture and sell worldwide to take advantage of huge economy of scales, so that they can provide consumers with affordable products. In my case, I made few furniture of unique design to satisfy specific group of consumers. Even though these philosophy go against each other, it does not mean that I have to dislike IKEA.

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