59. Desktop Shelf

I know I have been absent from this blog for a while. It’s a long story.

Essentially, I wanted to prepare my Etsy shop for the coming new year in advance so I devoted all of my time cracking out lots of products to populate the shop. As such, no time for personal projects.

I made this laptop shelf for a friend of mine. We can put a laptop on the shelf and a keyboard below. The purpose of this ergonomics is to avoid nodding one’s head too much which is always the case for using a laptop, an unhealthy case. The shelf helps raise the screen a bit.

This is the first time I cut dovetails on the side of an oak instead of on the end grain. This was quite uncommon and also risked being cracked. Fortunately, everything turned out okay. 

I also had a chance to try urethane finishing which I seldom do. The problem of using brush instead of spraying it that the layers got too thick and go bad easily when sanded. I tried my best to make each layer as thin as possible but still… Perhaps, spraying is really the way to go. 

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