The conflicting and confusing nutritional recommendations

Since 35, I have always wanted to improve my diets for health concerns. So lately I have been spending some time doing some dietary researches. 

Surprisingly, the more I dug in, the more confusing I became. I had been told since grade school that fat is bad for health. We should avoid high cholesterol food. Later the recommendation became to reduce only saturated fat. Not all cholesterols are bad. In fact, some cholesterol (i.e. HDL) actually had health benefit. Saturated fat increases bad cholesterol (LDL). 

However, recent studies revealed that saturated fats might not be bad after all. The even most recent studies suggested that too much “good” cholesterol on the other hand can even increase the risk of heart disease.

On the other hand, one should also avoid high carb food because excess carbohydrates will be converted to fat and therefore the read culprit of obesity. High carb foods also raise sugar in blood and if consumed on regular basis could lead to insulin resistance syndrome and consequentially diabetes. High carb foods also induce inflammation of blood vessel which causes cardiovascular diseases and dementia later in life.

Recently, there has been recommendations to limit red meats. Researches have shown regular red meat consumption lead to cancer. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of pesticides. In fact, you cannot even trust organic vegetables in the supermarket. Salmon is also mercury contaminated. 

Taken all these recommendations into consideration, you are left with little food to eat. When we cut back fats in our diets, we have to increase either proteins or carbs consumption to get enough calories for daily use. But we cannot because we also have to reduce proteins and carbs for some health issues. 

Those who decides to go vegan would risk Vitamin B12 deficiency aside from insufficient calories intakes. They cannot take vitamin supplements to make up for it because studies also show that taking vitamin supplements has infinitesimal benefits if not useless and may even be harmful in the long run. 

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