Getting started on the bullet journal

Going offline with time management can be a boon.

Last year I came across a way to organize timetable called the bullet journal. The method was developed by Ryder Carroll. It is totally an offline method using a pen/pencil and a small notebook. You can find out more about the bullet journal at

I discovered that the bullet journal give me more flexibility since it is totally offline, you can start at any time of the year, no need to wait to buy a calendar book during new year’s season. The fact that you have to write everything manually including months and dates may seem like a drawback but it actually has some benefits. Whenever you migrate from one period to the next, you have to copy all of your undo tasks to the new pages. You will feel guilty doing this over and over again, so you have some pressure to have it done sooner.

The nice thing about the bullet journal is that it was designed to combing to-do lists, calendar and rapid note all in one place. All you have to do is to carry your bullet journal around and that’s it. Anyway, you would have to allow yourself sometime to familiarize yourself with the system. For example, to understand that daily log is meant for taking notes of your half-baked ideas while the monthly log is meant for time management purposes (calendar and to-do list). Once you grasp the idea, it will become natural and effective. 

One drawback I can think of is that the journal seems to design for those who tend to plan on monthly basis. However, some people may plan on yearly basis or some might plan on both weekly and monthly basis. As result, sometime some of us may not be able to find a place to write down weekly or yearly to-do list. Anyway, you can address this issue using the concept of collections to plan your yearly projects. 

Note that Ryder Carroll keeps empathizing that everyone should find the way that is most naturally to him and adapt the system according to it. There are so many bullet journalists who took the system to the maximum by producing very beautiful collections and trackers on the social network. For me, that’s too much. I just need to be more productive, so I tend to stick to the original plain-and-simple bullet journal. Either way would do.

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