Why we run?

Running has gained popularity in recent years. Why?

Lately It occurs to me that an increasing number of people choose running as their primary leisure activity. Why so?

I have several speculations . First of all, we are living in social media world. we sit down using our mobile phone all day long. Therefore, we need much more exercise to maintain our health. And running is one of them. 

But then again, this would not explain why running and not other kinds of exercises. So, the second explanation could be that running seems to have a concrete goal to strive for, unlike simply going to the gyms, etc. A lot of running contests out there are available to subscribe. So, you have a clear objective to go for, not to mention measurable, attainable, and time-bound (aka SMART goal).

Perhaps, the second explanation is even more important than the first one. We are living in the era whereby everyone is craving for success. Meanwhile, successes in the era of winner-takes-all are not easy to come by. As such, we need simple and down-to-earth kind of achievements that is not beyond an average person’s ability for the rest of us to go for. Running is the perfect choice. Everybody can run. No talents needed. 

All in all, I am glad that running has become popular. It is one of very few fads that is actually healthy, much better than drinking or social media addictions. So, if you are thinking whether or not you should start running like your friends and acquaintances. Don’t feel guilty about following the fashion. Go for it! 

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