52. Shaker Wall Clock/Cabinet

The design of this Shaker wall clock/cabinet was derived from the original one found in one of the Fine woodworking magazine’s collections. It was so beautiful that I reckoned I’d got to make one.

A grandmother clock is such a classic furniture. However, it’s not easy to obtain that clock movement at least around my neighborhood. I decided to turn it into a wall cabinet with a modern clock that mimicks the appearance of a grandmother clock instead.

I installed rare earth magnets to secure the cabinet doors and made a French cleat to hang the cabinet. The advantage of using French cleat was that there would be no evidence how the piece was mounted on the wall.  It’s quite a neat method. That’s all the modification I made. Other than that, I tried to make it look as original as I could.

The making of this wall cabinet allowed me to practice making frame-and-panels in which I had never done before despite the fact that I have been practicing woodworking for three years now. They turned out nicely and hence a memorable experience.

This cabinet demanded stocks of lengthy shape (10x75cm) which I seldom use. It’s hard to keep them straight along the length because of the wood movement. I had to make sure I gave them enough time to rest before start using them. Anyway they did not cause any major problems.

Nevertheless I did the back rabbet incorrectly and caused the finger joints to  look faulty. What a pity!

The making of frame-and-panels was not as tough as I anticipated. Thanks goodness. Besides I discovered that band saw came in handy when it comes to cutting tenons. The finished frame-and-panels were quite impeccable I would say.

Installing hinges seems like a trivial task. In fact, it was the step that demand highest level of patience to attain precision.

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