My coffee allergy

Five years ago, while sitting in front of my laptop, I felt dizzy. It was so bizarre that I felt I really have to go to the hospital.

The doctor could not say anything about it. I went home hopelessly. In the meantime, the symptoms kept coming back on and off. A week later, my eyes got so dry. They are so dry that I could not even keep them open. Furthermore I got strong heartbeat. Things got worse as I also had a hard time sleeping at night. I decided to visit the doctors for several times at different hospital. But no luck.

Then I discovered that the problem got relief if I applied artificial tears. Things got better with my life as a result, but I did have to keep applying artificial tears every hour to keep my symptom under control. It was so inconvenient.

It had been like that for a couple of years. I could not use computer. I could not read books. I could not even drive. This affected my life a great deal because everything I do requires vision. At one point I had to stop writing articles, books and blogs. I had to use public transportations despite owing a car. Whenever the symptoms get serious, I got acid reflux and some kind of depression, as well. I went to see the doctor for several times more costing a lot of money but helpless. Life was so miserable at the time.

Until recently that I came to notice that every time I drank coffee, the symptom always got worse. So I decided to try quitting coffee entirely. In fact, I had tried this before but after a few days I drank coffee again due to my addiction. This time around, I quit caffeine entirely for a month. Surprisingly, my symptoms got much better. I got a very clear head. I still get some eye strains but not as significant. More importantly, I can read, write and use computer. I can also drive. My life is getting back on track.

It is likely that I am allergic to caffeine, not just sentitive but allergic. I have never thought I would be allergic to caffeine, because I have been drinking coffee since I was a grad student and did not seem to have any problem. However, I drink more coffee as I get older, sometime to the point of abusing it. I did get bad feeling after drinking coffee, but I thought I was just sensitive to coffee. I didn’t know that one can become allergic to caffeine after a ┬álong period of heavy consumption of coffee.

Now I quit caffeine for good. Surprisingly, the hardest part of quitting caffeine was the fact that you had to change your lifestyle. I have always been relying on coffee shop to do my work. Not drinking coffee was equivalent to not having a workplace. Anyway, my mind becomes clearer than before. Although I could not enjoy the two hours of great feeling after drinking a cup of coffee every morning like other people, but I actually feel much better for the rest of the day by not having coffee at all. It’s actually much better over all. I feel like being reborn.



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