I recently went to have my wristwatch repaired

A month ago, my wristwatch stopped running. This watch needs no battery because it ran on motion power. Something must have gone wrong inside the watch itself.

I bought this watch some twenty years ago out of my own savings, since I was just a graduate student. It was not an expensive watch. This was quite amazing for me to realize that the watch is still working up to recently.

It turned out some stain accumulated inside the watch chamber over the years has caused some friction inside and interrupted the energy generation mechanism. So, it needs to be cleaned and one of the parts needs to be replaced. It costed me 1,600 Thai baht totally which was equal to 20% of its retail price.

I thought I might be better of buying a new one, possibly an Apple Watch series 3. But then I decided to drop that idea and go for the old one. I also came to realize that the wristwatch is perhaps the only male belonging that can last as long as twenty years. Maybe, That’s why people still wear them despite that fact that we all have smartphone to keep track of time. The function of wristwatch has changed from time keeping to a collected item.

Feeling inspired, I want to continue using this watch as long as possible. I want to see how long that can possibly be. It is also a retrospective item of my youth.

There is a website namely ifixit.com in which they encourage people to fix things rather than buy a new one. Whenever we want to buy something, we can go for the model of best quality and have them repaired rather than keep buying a new one. I just love this idea. We can save our environment by reducing a lot of waste doing so. Besides, we get to use quality goods every time. This is what our ancestor had been doing but now abandoning due to business needs to sell more stuffs.

Together we can change it.

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