The Homemade Soup Project

I wanted to know more about cooking healthy foods. Soups seem like a good choice, because they do not involve high heat or unhealthy oils. So I bought a soup recipe book and began preparing soups one after another.

Making a tomato soup is a great idea to get rid of vegetables that are leftover. Tomatoes and Onions are basic ingredients of many western meals, so you are likely to have them in your fridge.


The shrimp bisque made me feel like I know how to cook a French food.

The clam chowder is the soup I am familiar with by a local steak soup since I was young. 

Consume looks basic, but it is quite delicious.

I know Ratatouille from a Disney animation. It’s another French recipe to get rid of leftover veggies. It’s a good choice for vegetarians.

Minestrone is an Italian soup. It literally means one soup. I encountered this soup for the first time in a can, and have always been mispronouncing it ever since.

Stew is also a kind of soup, so I should not miss it.

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