What do Thai people actually eat for breakfast?

When you ask Thai people what they normally have for breakfast, you will get a variety of answers. We don’t have a consensus as to what our national breakfast is, either. Some experts say we don’t even have one. Many of us skip breakfast altogether.

When I think of a typical Thai breakfast, I think of a bowl of boiled rice or porridge, perhaps with minced pork or shrimps on top. However, I myself seldom eat them.

barbecued pork with sticky rice

Due to time constraints, especially those who live in the city, many Thais have to find something to eat on the way to work. Barbecued pork with sticky rice come to mind. They are cheap and easy to eat while traveling, not to mention delicious. Alternatively, you can readily find soy milk with Chinese donut on the way to work.

Many Thais are familiar with western breakfast. For example, fried eggs with sausage is quite common. I personally have them for breakfast most of the times. Some people also like to have just a cup of coffee with a piece of bread.

Although we eat a variety of foods in the morning. It is very rare to see Thai people eat Tom Yam Koong or Pad Thai for breakfast. Thai curry with rice is also uncommon. These kinds of food are considered “heavy” meals for Thai people, so they normally have them for lunch or dinner.

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