What I got from woodworking

I started woodworking because I had always been interested in DIY.

Then, I realized not many DIY projects lasted long. They were not cheap, either. You had to buy a lot of tools, but you were not producing a lot of outputs to average down the costs.

Later, I moved to craftsmanship. I wanted to build stuffs that were really work and beautiful at the same time. This has become my woodworking philosophy ever since, although I still make some DIY projects once in a while.

Apart from artistic pleasures, woodworking, like other hobbies, offers great lessons for personal developments and growths. It also teaches great lessons about problem solving. Most projects are done for the first time, so you are likely to encounter a lot of problems along the way. When you practice woodworking on regular basis, problem solving becomes your second nature. This is remarkably helpful if you aim to do great things later in your life.

Woodworking also teaches me about patience and perseverance. You cannot rush in a woodworking project, because it will turn out badly. You cannot overlook some imperfections especially in the early stage of the project, or else you will run into bigger problem towards the end. These are all great lessons.

Last but not least, I really enjoy the moments I am working in the shop. You are on your own, in quiet ambient, focusing on the project at hands. It is like a zen moment, a great recreation indeed.

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