Live your life to the maximum

Everybody will die eventually. There is no exception. This fact gives us despair. So, we have been pretending not to aware of death so that we can go on with our daily life without worry.

However, there is also an alternative. We don’t have to fool ourselves we live forever. We can accept death at face value. We just have to learn that the fact that we feel despair about death is just a matter of opinion. It is just a viewpoint and therefore biased.

Instead of thinking that we are going to die anyway, we can think that what  are left with is the rest of our lives. What can we do about it? We may do nothing until we die, because we will die anyway. Alternatively, we may make it the best time of our lives, because it is the only thing that was given to us, and therefore we have to make it as good as possible.

You are the designer of your own life. It’s the only decision that is totally up to you. Do not let other people or any belief system take your decision away from you.  Do whatever you see appropriate based on your own values and judgements. Use your time  wisely and productively. That’s called living our lives to the maximum.

To live one’s life to the maximum, you will take chances and encounter pains along the way. However, pains are two sides of the same coin. They hurt us, but they also make us stronger. The next time we encounter them, we will able to handle them better. So, embrace pains and grow instead of trying to avoid them and ending up doing nothing.

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