Time costs money and thus can be an investment

Lately I have been searching for ways to use my time more effectively. I discovered that this problem was much more complicated than it seemed.

It is also paradoxical that the more advanced our civilization is, the less idle time we feel we have.

After analyzing daily routines (with the help of Google) , I was shocked to learn that I spent two hours a day on average traveling. This is too much.

Partially, this has to do with the bad traffic of Bangkok. I am unfortunate to live in one of the worst cities in terms of traffic and mass transportation. However, it has more to do with the fact that each of my daily activities i.e. swimming, woodworking, having coffee, reading, meeting friends are done at different places. I could do almost all these all in one place (my condo), but it would be extremely boring. Going places between each of these activities also gives me time to break and sorting out my thoughts. The problem is it takes too long to travel between some of these places.

Perhaps if I want to radically solve this problem. I have to move to the new condo. The one that can reach the skytrain on foot. It is even better if the condo is close to a very large shopping complex whereby you can do virtually everything there. This has to be a long term plan. It is also a good investment if you can save money by walking to the skytrain instead of taking a taxi and put those money into real estate which  can grow in value.

Some activities can be done by service such as going to the post office, going to the supermarkets. I did try the service, but the problem is you have to schedule some of these service in advance. This is not practical because most of the time I don’t even know my future schedules. Doing these on my own at shorter distances is more feasible.

We can get more hours daily by sleep less, but this is not healthy for me. The entire day will be less productive when I don’t have enough sleep. However, I can get more hours from abandoning some useless activities such as using social network, watching television, etc. This takes a strong mind to do, but it is certainly worth doing.


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