47. Cloning MUJI horse bench

The MUJI horse bench is just beautiful and minimal. It also a great exercise to practice making angled tenons and mortises. For these reasons, I would not hesitate to build one.

The angled tenons were not easy to make. Before this, I haven’t had any chance too build even a straight tenon, which is quite strange, since tenons are so common a wood joinery. The fact that I had to make it angled makes the process even tougher. In the first trial, I failed utterly.

Feeling despair, I scraped the project. I did no woodworking a few days after that. Then, I decided to give it another try. This time I changed my approach using bandsaw instead of table saw. I finally had it done.

The project taught me a lesson. It is easy to get discouraged along the way, especially when you try to do something unfamiliar. It is okay to pause for a while, but do not quit for good. Give yourself a rest and come back. With fresh mind, the task is not as difficult. We just have to continue trying. When you can finish it, it gives you a confidence boost. If you just quit, you lose confidence. The new project will be even harder psychologically.

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