Professionalism is my religion

I attended one seminar a few months ago. One of the panelists who was a renowned Thai sociologist argued that people of the modern time travel excessively in order to find meanings in life.

People in the old days relied on religions to do so. However, at the advent of science, religions gradually lost popularity. People began to search for the meaning of life in something else. And traveling happens to be one of the most popular choices of these days.

I sort of agree with him. Our brains yearn for meaning in life. There are countless articles arguing that humans with a sense of purpose live a happier life. Without a sense of something meaningful to live for, life becomes unbearable.

In the modern era, people have much more diversed alternatives to religions as a reliable source of life purpose. Some rely on traveling.  Some want to own a coffee shop.  In capitalism society, becoming a millionaire has become one of the major alternative religions which is not necessary a bad idea since we all have to pay the bill, regardless of faith.

In my case, at forty, I came to realize that I need to keep creating something to feel meaningful. I was not born a pure consumer. I have an urge to release creativity or to innovate. The concept of professionalism fits quite well with my inner self i.e. trying our best to be good at something and make a living out of it.

Professionalism as a religion also fit nicely with the capitalism era. You are doing what you love and making money to pay the monthly bills at the same time.

Currently I am trying my best to be a good woodworker and attempting to sell my outputs on I have the opportunities to exercise my creativity through product design and earn self-esteem whenever someone buys my items on Etsy. It is quite a wonderful experience.

If you are still looking for a religion that works for you, you might want to consider Professionalism. Pick anything you love to do and make it your profession. It might work for you just like it has been working for me.

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