a walk to the train station

Science studies indicate that during those old times when our ancestors were hunters and gatherers, our human body evolved in such a way that allow us to walk a long distance, about 10 kilos (6 miles) per daily.

In our present time, few people walk that much. Our modern lifestyle forces us to stay mostly immobile. In contrast, our bodies are not ready for such lifestyles. They are still pretty much similar to our ancestors’. This is detrimental to our health.

Hence, we should find opportunities during the day to walk as much as we can. In my view, it is best to walk for a good reason so that we don’t waste our valuable time every day just walking and to walk to commute instead of riding a car is definitely a good reason to do. We have to commute to work anyway. Why don’t we use these times to exercise our body.

This is the map of the route I experimented walking from my condo to the nearest BTS skytrain station. Normally, I would either ride my condo boat or the bus to get to the station. The distance is 2.3 kilos and it took me 26 minutes to do. The good thing is that it is in the early morning, so the weather is not that hot for a long distance walking. Also, I ride the train to go to the gym, so if my shirt is sweaty, I can just have another shower at the gym. Everything seems to work for me.

From now on, I plan to do this more often. Probably not every day but as frequent as I possibly can. It is one of my new initiatives to get healthier.


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