20: My first experience with hydroponics

Hydroponics may not be considered organic, but at least they are highly hygienic and pesticide-free. The main advantage of Hydroponics is that you don’t have to get involved with soils. Soils can be difficult to maintain and cultivate well especially in the apartment or condominium.

Plastic coffee cups are perfect for nano-scaled hydroponic containers. Simply turn the cap upside down, you have the perfect container to grow shallots. The only thing you have to monitor is the water level. The level should touch only the root. It’s ever better to have some part of the root stay above the water, so that the root can breath, too. I use no fertilizer at all at this time.

The experiment went quite well. The next experiment is to try and grow other type of veggies in which some modification needs to be done.

I will keep you guys posted.

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