Lonely Backpacker – the benefits of traveling alone

I don’t travel regularly, but when I do I enjoy traveling alone.

Traveling alone enables you to get in touch with your inner self. You are out there on your own in unfamiliar places. You have to totally rely on yourself. That forces you to be fully alert. Your brain becomes active. It’s a kind of mental exercises.

When you are alone, you see the world differently and in a way more creatively. Once in a while I have an urge to be in this stage of mind in order to revitalize my brain.

Great ideas often pop up while you are traveling. I jot down those ideas and come back to implement them. A great number of them are good life initiatives. Frankly speaking, not all of them survive two months afterwards. But they are collectively worthwhile anyway.

You can do whatever you like when traveling alone. You can visit a single museum for several consecutive days without alienating your travel partners who may hate museums. You get to take better photography too because you can spend as much time as you want to take any pictures. A list of benefits goes on and on.

Anyway, there are disadvantages too. Sometimes it is much better to have a helping hand when you run into trouble during the trip. Travel partners can also share your lodging expenses. But all in all I still prefer to  travel alone.

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