Patriotic Bangkokians

People in every country tend to think of their own country as the best country in the world. This is contradictory because every country cannot be the best country at the same time, though.

In order to held such beliefs, patriotic people need to come up with a reason to defend their beliefs. For example, the US patriots insist that their country is the most advanced civilization in the world. The Chinese posit that China is the civilization of the longest in the history.

Bangkokians are no exception. When foreigners ask they will swiftly reply “My country has never been conquered.”

To be more accurate, Siam (the ancient Thailand) has been conquered by the Burmese at least twice. In the old days, Siam also has to pay tributes to the Chinese emperor to show respect. It’s more precise to say Thailand has never been colonized by western countries.

Bangkokians also like to believe that their country has a very long history and that we are a separate race of our own, not related to neighborhood countries such as Laos or Cambodia. They fabricated a story that their ancestors were born out of nowhere in the mountain near Mongolia and migrated to the area of Thailand today thousand years ago, so they do not share the blood with the neighborhood countries in which they thought of as rivals or the inferior races. They also think that the Songkran festival is unique to Thailand.

Recently there has been a movement to boycott the U.S. Bangkokians do not like them criticizing their beloved authoritarian government. They vow to do whatever it takes against the US. Anyway, Bangkokians love iPhone and Facebook so much that they cannot live without them. They even text on iPhone to protest the US government on the Facebook timeline.




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