Charity Sensation

Bangkokians love to donate. It is a symbol of good people. A study shows the Thai people are one of the most likely to give money as a charity in the world.

Bangkokians believe in the concept of Karma. What comes around go around. So, if you give donations to the temples or the beggars, you will get the money back in multiples in your next rebirth. In a way, charity is a profitable business.

No wonder Bangkokians give away money generously to the temples. They might be very stingy on you but not for the temples. It is because they think they are not losing anything at all when give money to the temples. The temples may reward them back with winning lottery ticket or any type of monetary windfall in the future. This conviction help sustain the temples and even make the temples prosper.

Suppose one day the heaven announces that their computer that keep records of people charity is permanently damaged. From the point on, humans will not get anything back for their charity. It is very likely that the amount of donation in Thailand would drop as much as 99%.

The beggar business is a big business in Thailand. Bangkokians are famous for their sympathy. The more crippled the beggars, more money will be given. Some beggars actually cripple themselves to earn more money per hour. More and more beggars are children because they look more pitiful. They even have to import kids from Combodia to meet the high demand of charity in Thailand.

Bangkokians ignore such social problem, because according to Buddhism, the donors should not doubt the beggars otherwise their good deeds will be contaminated and therefore reducing the amount of returns on charity. They donate for an impersonal reason, nothing personal.

Who says Bangkokians dislike capitalism? In fact, they are the smartest capitalists. They don’t like to do social volunteering or anything of that sort. They only give donations. Why? Because their time are so valuable that it’s worth doing the good deeds on their own. Money can do the same job as labor but faster. It’s the radical capitalism in action.


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