Bangkok traffic

Bangkok traffic is one of the most congested in the world.

Friday evening is the worst time since all Bangkokians want to have extravagant dinner at the malls before going home. If it rains, it get even worse due to the flood. The nightmare of all is a rainy Friday evening at the end of the month. Bangkokians just got the salary and they need to deplete it as soon as possible at the shopping malls.

The biggest cause of traffic is that Bangkokians like to have a personal car.  Cars are the symbol of success for them. More importantly, the traffic in Bangkok is organized in such a way that personal cars travel the fastest. Private cars has the highest priority on the road because most private car owner are the rich and they have to be treated.

Every year, the government solves the traffic issue by building more roads to accommodate the growing number of private cars. They don’t want to solve the problem by improving the public transportation because most people that ride the buses are the poor. The traffics are organised to give private cars a priority. No parking meters on the street of Bangkok to minimize the cost of private car ownership. As such, every middle class want to own a private car to move faster. So the traffic get even worse because or increasing number of private cars and in turn drive people to buy more private cars in order to go faster. This vicious cycle goes on forever.

Anyway, most Bangkokians do not think of themselves as the part of the problem. They think the traffic is terrible because of the buses and motorcycles. Buses should always stay in the bus lane. Motorists should always be on the leftest lane. Because buses and bikes do not follow this rule, the traffic is bad. Typically, there are three to four lanes devoted to private cars and only one lane for the buses.

Many years ago there was a government policy to give the poor the chance to own a private car. The middle class was so enraged.

Private cars in Bangkok love to bribe the traffic police when they violate the traffic law such as violating the traffic lights, parking at the no parking areas or change the lanes where prohibited. They don’t think this is the part of the problem but rather the traffic organization by the police is stupid. It is also not immoral to bribe the traffic police, but the police themselves are more unethical than them.

Bangkokians are positive thinkers indeed.


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