Bangkokians love Japan


Everything about Japan and Japanese is good. Japan is Bangkokian’s Utopia. Every Japanese is highly disciplined.

Bangkokians love to travel to Japan. Some visit Japan five or six times a year. They do so to escape the boredom and the unsatifaction of daily life in Bangkok.

Going to the malls does alleviate the boredom but it could not be a long-term solution. Bangkokians also have to Japan at least once in a while as a cure.

The unsatisfaction in Bangkok is caused by careless people. In Bangkokian views, most of them are the country people, the poor and the uneducated. They think they have to bear with all these mess that they are not the ones who create. That’s why they need to have vacation in Japan. They wish Bangkok were as tidy as Japan.

Recently there has been a growing number of Chinese visiting Bangkok. Bangkokians dislike Chinese tourists. Unlike the Japanese, the Chinese are untidy and lack manners. Bangkokians love to make fun of them on TV as well as on the social network.

Nevertheless, over the past years, Thai economy is quite stagnant. As such, the economy has to rely on tourism. Chinese happen to be the largest group of tourists. So, despite looking down upon them, Thailand needs their money badly.

It’s so ironic that most Bangkokians have Chinese background. Their ancestors came to Bangkok for refuge long time ago. But when talking about Chinese tourists, Bangkokians act as if they are pure Thai. On the other hand, when they talks about rural people, they speak as if they are Chinese.

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