The authentic Bangkok lifestyles

True Bangkokians love department stores.

Some tourists have the impression that Bangkok people live a self-sufficient and cultural lifestyle. They imagine Bangkokians riding an elephant to work every morning, hanging out at the temple on weekends and eating pad thai and tom yam goong daily.

The real Bangkokians work at the office all days. Many get up before six to commute to avoid traffic. The office hours are served by their bosses for series of meetings. The after hours are the only time to do individual assignments. Anyway, the traffic after five pm is so congested. So, it is considered a blessing from them to have something to do while waiting for the traffic to clear and go home.

During weekends they hang out at department stores. Bangkokians love the malls. Every year, they always come up with a larger mall. Inside every mall is exactly identical. They just getting bigger. In the past, efforts have been made to build something else such as public parks or museums. But it turns out Bangkokians do not go there while department stores get increasingly crowded. So real estate developers drop the ideas and simple keep introducing new department complex.

Upon arriving the mall, they have to spend hours hunting for the parking space. Every restaurant in the malls are packed with long queues. They do not offer pad thais or tom yum goong over there but rather Krispy Kreme and Starbucks. Bangkokians love western foods, not Thai.

Some Bangkokians keep saying they want to escape these repetitive urban lifestyles and move to the countryside. But do not get them wrong, they do not really mean it. They say that just to release their stress. After all these years, they still go to the malls every weekend.

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