Rules are meant to be broken

image from Bangkok Post

One of the key reasons why Bangkok is a tourist paradise is that rules are meant to be broken here.

You can do anything you like. Bangkokians themselves love to bend the rules. They sell food on the pathway. Motorists bike on the pathway to save their time, too. Pedestrians walk on the street (because they have no space on the pathway). They even like to cross the road under the pedestrian flyovers. They also like to litter.

They say when in Rome, do what the Romans do. Therefore, you can do anything you want in Bangkok.

The thing is that Bangkokians do not believe in the rule of law. They believe in a principle of higher value i.e. the principle of the good guys vs. the bad guys.

To them, the good guys always do good deeds and the bad guys always do otherwise, regardless of the law. They believe that no matter how sophisticated the laws are, the bad guys can always circumvent. So it makes more sense to just have faith on the good guys.

And it is a human nature that when people think of the good guy, they always include themselves. Bangkokians think that rules are meant to control only the bad guys. So, it is perfectly and morally okay for themselves not to follow the rules.

In their mind, most people are bad. The good guys are always the minority and are being discouraged by the majority. To them, most of the good guys in Bangkok are the wealthy and/or the well-educated (themselves included, of course). The bad guys are mostly the poor and the uneducated and they outnumber. That’s why Bangkok is the messy city.

While they are blaming the poor for not following the rules, The wealthy and the middle classes do not blame themselves for their own parking violations, SME tax evasions, bribery at the military conscription, etc. Good guys don’t have to follow the rules that are meant to control the bad guys, anyway.

Since they are well-educated, it’s up to them to decide which rules to follow and which rules to get rid of. In fact, for several times in the past, they have helped abolish the highest rule of all i.e. the constitutions.

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