How to appreciate impressionist paintings

Impressionist painters aim to record the moments. It is┬ánot what you see but what you “feel” about what you see that matters. Good impressionist paintings can convey certain atmospheres. They are emotional than realistic.

Most impressionist painters do not look very perfect. The painter has to roughly finish the painting before the moment is gone, In reality, the painter do go back to the studio and spend a lot of time completing the work, though.

Color plays important role in impressionism. Impressionist painters use complementary color a great deal to dramatise the subject. Impressionist paintings tend to be colorful and unreal. You don’t see a pure black in impressionist painting, because even the shadow should have some color in it.

Impressionist painters love to leave the brush strokes on the painting, because brush strokes can also convey emotions. You can even enjoy impressionist paintings by looking at the brush strokes alone. It is also recommended to watch impressionist paintings from a distance, because distinct brush strokes can combine one another and make a difference from a distance.

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