Terrarium Survival Guide

I am the big fan of terrarium. They are plants with a story. Having them on my desk foster imagination and creativity.

A good terrarium requires very little maintenance and lasts a long time. However, it is not always easy to achieve this. In reality, I found a lot of terrarium sold in the flea market cannot survive inside the building at all. And for some that do, care must be taken to ensure expected longivity.

Most of the terrariums that do not survive indoors comprise plants that actually require strong sunlight. Don’t buy these terrariums even though they are beautiful. To be safe, go for moss and fern terrariums. Mosses and ferns in general are not demanding in terms of light.

There are two types of terrarium i.e. closed and open. I prefer closed terrarium because they tends to be easier to take care of. The only disadvantage of closed terrarium is the bottle get cloudy easily. If this happens, simple open the lid and use tissue paper to wipe the bottle.

There is a false belief that mosses like water. This is the number one cause of failed terrariums. In fact, the environment inside a closed terrarium need to be very dry. Mosses can survive solely with moisture in the inside air. To add water is to invites fungi. You only need to add little water once every two weeks or so to compensate for moisture that might leak out. Beware not to add too much water.

The location of your terrarium in the room is also important. Try to place it as close to the window as possible. If that is not possible, try to put them close to a lamp. Moss terrariums do not demand strong light, but they do not survive in the dark either.

Finally, even if you take a good care of your terrarium, it could not last forever. Every six months you probably have to disassemble and rebuild it, still.

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