Wooden Planes as Collectibles

To my observation, backsaws are number one items sought after by woodworkers as collectibles. In Thailand, oddly enough, few collect backsaws, neither do we  use backsaws very much. Wooden planes happen to be the most popular collectibles among Thai woodworkers.

We don’t use wooden planes very much. We don’t use iron ones, either. These days, Thai woodworkers use power planes. We used a lot of wooden planes in the old days and that is probably the reason why we collect them.

Wooden planes are hard to use compared to iron ones. It takes a lot of skills to install the blade as they don’t have adjustment knob or lever. You need a mallet and good eyes to set the blade position. However, the primary advantage of wooden planes as opposed to iron planes is their light weight. This is especially important for large planes.

There are not many wood plane manufactures in Thailand right now, especially good ones. Very hard wood is required to produce wood planes. In fact, no new hard wood of that type available anymore; most of new wooden planes are made with depleting hard wood inventory. That’s probably why they are expensive, and market price could rise sharply as soon as the inventory runs out some time in the future. That’s what they say.


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