The Truths about Growing Veggies on the balcony

On television, growing veggies on the balcony always looks easy and promising. In reality, it is not quite so. I have been trying for years in my condo. Here are what I have discovered.

It is not difficult at all to have them survive on your balcony. All they need is moderate sunlight in the morning plus daily watering. But if you are talking about grow a nice-looking organic vegetables, it gonna take a lots of efforts. Veggies love direct sunlight to grow healthily, albeit good temperature. More importantly, you need to take a very good care of the soil. Veggies tend to suck up a large amount of fertilisers. Soil must be pruned on regular basis to cultivate them. After harvesting, soil need to be rehabilitated before starting a new crop e.g. re-adjusting pH, etc. Otherwise, you won’t get that nice-looking homegrown veggies you dream about.

You might think you can eat whatever homegrown veggies you can get. But, in fact, we are so accustomed to perfect-looking veggies in the supermarket that you gonna have a hard time enjoying less than perfect veggies. And if you need to pay huge attention to grow your veggies, it is not for an average person who lives in the city with busy life.

Okay. suppose you are willing to spend lots of time cultivating your veggies. You still face problems with supply imbalance. Veggies take month to grow. Chances are they are not ready when you need it. So, you have to grow a lot of them at overlapsing time, meaning you need a lot of space and you probably have to limit the type of veggies you can grow too.

After years of struggling, I came to conclusion that unless I quit I can only grow less-demanding types of veggies and only few types of them. For the time being, I am growing Basils and that’s all. Basils are very easy to take care of and you can harvest their leaves repetitively. This has been the most practical way to grow veggies in the condo for busy people I have discovered so far. Happy growing!

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