15 Tips to better organise your apartment

Organising home is by no means an easy task. Living in a small condominium for years, I have learned numerous tips to share with you.


Determine the location of your desk first

It would be ideal if your desk is so close to the window that you can read without a lamp. Natural light is the most comfortable light to the eyes. Besides, it saves energy. It’s even better if the natural light comes from your left side so that you get no glare on your laptop screen.


Locations of AC outlets can be crucial too

Ideally your room should have AC outlets on every wall so that you don’t have to extend AC cords all over the place. That’s messy. If not possible, tell your developer in advance to install AC outlets on walls that you plan to place electrical appliances. If all of that are not possible, you will have to live with it. You have to place all electrical appliances near given AC outlets whether you like it or not in order to keep your room tidy.


Store stuffs according to their usage

Every square inch in your apartment is a real estate. Things used everyday must be kept easily accessible whereas things rarely used can be put away. For example, your tax document archives can be stored on top shelf because chances are you might not need them at all in the future. Meanwhile, your desktop is reserved only for items you use frequently and nothing else.

IMG_0631Blind cupboards are better than transparent ones

In general, blind cupboards are better than transparent ones because they will not make your room look messy. Cupboards are supposed to be used to store stuffs that you don’t use often. And more often than not, those stuffs are not very beautiful.


Drawers are better than boxes

In general, I find storage units with drawers are better than the ones with the top lid, because it is faster for you to retrieve things. The only drawback is they tend to be more expensive.


Shallow boxes are better than deep ones

If you decide to go for boxes, the shallow ones are generally better than the deep ones. With deep boxes, you tend to pile stuffs inside them making it hard to find things you are looking for. Alternatively, use dividers to organise space inside the box.


Don’t stuffs to much, always leave 20% space

Don’t try to stuffs to much things on your storage units as well as anywhere in the room. Always leave 20% extra space for future expansion.


Use Ziplock bags to organise cables

Everyone has a large bunch of unused cables at home. Don’t buy any commercial cable organisers. Rather, store them individually in a ziplock bag. 


Hanging is a smart way to keep stuffs

Utilise any empty wall by hanging stuffs on it. It saves space and easier to access.


Don’t keep your CDs/DVDs

They takes up a lot of space and growing very rapidly. Instead rip the movies , store them digitally on hard drives and throw away the physical media. In the case of music, I subscribe a streaming service and stop buying CDs entirely. For books, I try to buy them on kindle first.


Don’t store stuffs on the floor

Although it’s tempting, storing stuffs on the floor makes the process of floor cleaning more difficult.

Buy the portable vacuum cleaner

a full-blown vacuum cleaner is too large for an apartment. Buy a portable vacuum cleaner instead but don’t buy a cordless one. The cordless ones are not powerful enough and literally useless.


Curtains collect dusts

Curtains tend to collect dusts and hard to clean up. So are dolls and fabric couches. If your place has a lot of dust problems, go for plastic.


Trash can is not necessary

Personally I don’t have trash can in my place. I just hang recycled plastic bags on the front door as a trashcan. Every morning, I simply take it to the public dumper when I leave my condo.

Discard some of your belongings every now and then

No matter how well you organise your room, sooner or later, it will get clustered again because you keep buying new things. While it is not practical to suggest you to stop buying new things altogether, every now and then, discard some of your unused belongings to free up some space. Admittedly, home organising can never be perfect. It is an ongoing process.


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