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They say Thipsamai is highly recommended among tourists as the best place to eat Pad Thai. I was so puzzled to learn that the reason is its authenticity.  

Nam Prick (image from
Nam Prick (image from

Besides, Thai people do eat Pad Thai occasionally but not very often. So does Tom Yam Kung. But what is authentic Thai food anyway?

Kang liang (image from
Kang liang (image from

Arguably, the most common Thai dish in the mind of Thai urbanists might be rice with stir-fried pork/chicken and basil. But if you are talking about traditional Thai food in which Thais people were eating the most in the old days, it would be Nam Prick or chilli paste with vegetables. This kind of food is extremely hot and spicy. There are hundred variations of Nam Prick throughout all regions of Thailand. Unfortunately, many Thai urbanists nowadays know Nam Prick vaguely. Some of them have never eaten it.

When Nam Prick is put on soup and in many cases coconut milk is added, you get Thai curries. There are many types of Thai curries such as Gang Liang, Gang Som, Gang Pa, etc. Tom Yam Kung is one of them. I recommend tourists to try Gang Liang because it is not as hot as other types of curries. It’s also one of the most healthy food you can find on earth. We typically eat Thai curry with rice.

Many modern Thai food are Chinese-Thai foods including Pad Thai. They are more oily and hence not as healthy as traditional Thai food.

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