How I became a woodworker

You probably knew from the previous post that I got bored with being an investment and economic book author.

Initially I thought of becoming a cafe owner instead i.e. a theme cafe with common interest like a community. Then I thought of moving to the rural place to grow vegetables. It’s good that I didn’t also want to travel around the world since I am not very into tourism. None of these popular dreams were happened.¬†Come to think of it, I was such a loser!

Later I began to be interested in hobbies. This time I did do something. I experimented a variety of hobbies including aquarium, hydroponics, Legos, Go game, Boardgames, terrariums, origami, paper arts, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, DIY, oil paintings, etc. Although I quit most of them, I don’t think my efforts have gone wasted. In fact, you discovered yourself along the way. In the end, I decided to do something serious with woodworking.

I don’t have former experience on woodworking, but I enjoy learning new woodworking skills. My current plan is to crank out at least two woodworking projects every month and never stop doing it. I don’t know how this would lead me to in the end, but I hope I can create a life-fulfilling career out of it someday. Wish me luck!¬†



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