Fin Techs of Thailand

Here are a few interesting fin tech I encountered in Startup Thailand 2016 

We have a few kickstarter platforms such as Dreamaker crowdfunding or . The former has gone live for quite some time. The good news is Thailand SEC is pushing the concept of equity crowdfunding and is supposed to get materialised by 2017. This is actually one of  my dreams. Let’s cross our fingers.

A startup called DeepPocket is solving the problem of the youths who need to buy online but do not have a credit card. They can deposit money with DeepPocket and receive a virtual MasterCard numbers to buy anything online. Previously, this problem was addressed by True money. Now they have a rival. is a Thai bitcoin dealer in which you can buy and sell bitcoins with them starting at just 100 baht.

There are many others fin techs and startups in this event as well. Anyway, the one I was anticipated but missing from this event is a P2P-lending company. This kind of fin techs must have a very very big potential in Thailand, but I guess the biggest obstacle must be the Bank of Thailand.




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