Thailand’s TV formulas

Soap operas get the most eyeballs on television in Thailand. Altogether they reap over half of advertising revenues of the TV industry.  

Over the years, the soap opera producers have discovered secret formulas. The most successful ones must involve a very rich or blue-blood family, so rich that the male protagonist does not have to go to work. The female protagonist must be misunderstood or defamed by her competitor who is usually overtly jealous and like to scream. The family servants are very intrusive, etc. Soap opera actors in Thailand are like gods. They are highly influential.

All other TV programmes aside from soap operas must incorporate practical jokes in some way in order to get high ratings. Game shows should have co-hosts who keep telling jokes on and off. Talk shows must have the celebrity guests play comedy dramas with the clowns. Even the news programmes have to report news in light-hearted manners. They say fun-loving is one of the most distinctive characters of Thai people. Considering what we see on Thailand’s television. This must be true.

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