Migrating back to iOS camp

I used to own iPhone but got sick of iOS closed system, so I went to Android several years ago.

Recently, I decided to move back to iPhone again but now I own a Mac, an Apple TV and an Airport Express. So I bought an iPhone 6s. After using it for a while, here are my views.

I used to love iOS because of its minimal GUI. Years gone by. iOS does not look clean to me anymore. It now looks as messy and complicated as Android. On the other hand, iOS seems to be less dependent on Desktop iTunes. So, it is getting more open which is good.

In terms of productivity, I love Touch ID so much. This is the smartest way to unlock the screen which is very important because you have to do so hundreds of times per day. Using the Touch ID feature is really convenient. Anyway, the part I don’t like is how to get to WiFi settings which seems easy as you can use swipe up the screen, but the problem is you can only turn on/off WiFi. If you have to select WiFi networks (which in many cases you have to), you still have to go several steps which is not the case for Android.

I loved the silent toggle button and still love it. It is a clever idea to have a physical button that silent it all especially when you are in a hurry. Regarding this, I prefer a physically BACK button that Android has. In iOS, the programmer must soft-implement a back button on every screen and it is never consistent. I constantly have a hard time finding a way to go back to previous screen. And when you get to the main screen of an App, you have to push home button instead. In Android case, you can simple keep pressing back buttons to get to the top.

I am so impressed with iPhone 6s battery. It lasts very long and it does not drain quickly while sleeping. I think iOS has a much smarter power management than Android. I am also impressed by its camera having auto HDR mode and very fast auto-focus. I don’t know about the latest Android phone, but iPhone 6s is must better than Note 2 that I used regarding battery and camera.¬†

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