One-Day Trip in the city of UdonThani

You can travel from Bangkok to UdonThani via bus, train and plane. The bus and train are good choices in that the stations are located in the heart of the city (very close to Central Plaza). You need to ride a taxi from the airport into town for 150 baht.

20160407_065739Fried eggs on a pan is a typical breakfast here. It goes with buns. I recommend you try at King’s Ocha. They are open as early as 6am in the morning. Another typical local food is Kao Paek. A lot of food here are Vietnamese because a lot of Vietnamese refugees lived here during the independence war including Ho Chi Min himself.20160407_093431

The one thing I noticed was that the traffic lights here are always on the other side of the road  which can be confusing for non-locals. The other thing is that there seems to be too many private clinics in town especially opto ones. I wonder why there are so many eye patients here and why don’t they go to the public hospital which costs them virtually nothing. Finally, I unexpectedly saw the pictures of Luangta Bua everywhere here.

Skylabs (north-eastern tuk tuks) are common transportation in the city. The pricing are on negotiation basis and likely overpriced. They give out squeaky sound on and off along the way. However,this is normal. You can use taxi meters and public buses also or even human-powered tricycles, but there are not many of them. Aside from Central Plaza, you can hang out at UD Town, a famous community mall. 20160407_162819

There are so many ‘Larb Ped Udon’ in Bangkok but I found none here. I doubt they are truely originated here.

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