Elon Musk’s mentality

Elon Musk founded Paypal and later sold it to Ebay at the value of $1.5 billions. Elon owns Tesla Motor which produces electric cars. He founded SpaceX, a private company aiming to send humankind to Mars. He also opened a contest called hyper loop which is a project to transports people on a capsule at 1,000km/hr.

Jim Cantrell who was the co-founder of SpaceX once said people might think Elon has so many successes because he is super smart or because he is extremely hard-working or both. Those are the qualities that Elon has, but not what set him apart from many others who are as smart or as hardworking but not as extremely successful.

What made Elon exceptional is rather his notion that these business ideas are not impossible.  He didn’t think it’s impossible to compete with large banks when he founded Paypal. He didn’t think electric cars could never happen. He didn’t think a private company can do rocket business. It’s these mentality that hinder most people from success from Day One no matter how smart they are.

I totally agree with Jim. We were born and raised to avoid pains and failures at all cost. We were trained to be a perfectionist. We don’t allow ourselves to be exposed to failures at any chance. Those might be practical for us being a consumer or a salaryman. But when we want to start a business, they are the wrong types of mentality. And we can’t get rid of them. That’s why it’s so hard for most of us to become an entrepreneur.     

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