How to improve our brain functions

In the past we were told human brains were fully-developed at the age of six. Later on nothing much could be done to change them.

These days new studies have suggested otherwise. Our brains are very much like plastic. They keep changing even we get into adulthood.

When we train our brain to perform certain tasks intensively and constantly. They have the ability to rewire themselves to better suit that particular tasks. In other words, you can improve your brain ability.

On the flip side, when we stop using our brain to do some other tasks. Our brain could perform worse on those tasks as well. With the advent of digital age, we get to receive a lot of information daily. Our brain optimize itself to be able to handle a lot of news in short period of time at the expense of losing ability to think deeply and creatively. That is one dark side of digital technology.

In fact we have illusion that multi-tasking can get thing done faster. However human brains are not design for that. When we multi-task such as watching TV and browsing a tablet simultaneously, our brain has to keep switching back and forth to do each of this particular task one at a time. This results in poorer productivity on both tasks. More importantly it could degrade our IQ!!!

You can solve this problem by resist the temptation to multi-task. Don’t use the phone while eating, working or walking. Don’t use the phone at all before bedtime. Do a fifteen minute meditation daily. In doing so, you will surprisingly improve your productivity and regain your creativity over time.  

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