Sugar is the worst type of nutritions

I went to a medical checkup. Everything was fine except my blood sugar level that read 107.

I got high blood sugar level on and off through out my life. It could be genetic, since my mother as well as most of her family got diabetes at old age. But my lifestyle also plays a big part. I get addicted to soda.

In general, sugar is bad for everyone not only those who is prone to diabetes genetically. We tends to gain weight because of sugar (carbohydrates) instead of fats. We used to blame fats but now scientists begin to realize that most fats are not that bad after all. Saturated fats are not worse than non-saturated ones. We need variety of fats in our diets. The only bad fats are trans fats.

Sugar on the contrary does a lot of harm to our blood vessels. It causes almost all NCDs. If we take  sugar on regularly, we will become insulin-resistant and in turn diabetes. In fact they recently discovered that high blood sugar level is also attributed to skin aging!

This year I will try my best to avoid sugar. In addition, I will make sure I maintain regular exercises. Next year the result of my physical checkup has to be different.


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